The Problem With Laser Fusion

As an Alternative Energy

laser fusion isn't a good form of alternative energy
As it stands, laser fusion is not yet a
good source of alternative energy...
it takes more energy to produce
than it releases.

As of yet, we're still a while away from being able to use laser fusion as an alternative energy. The problems lie in several steps throughout the process, but they all lead back to one major flaw – we're not able to produce more energy than it takes to create fusion.

First of all, we're not able to distribute the heat in the tiny capsule. So certain parts burn faster than others, and this unbalance keeps the molecules from compressing directly into the center. Think of the crowd of people again.

If only part of the outer edge pushed towards the center, then people would 'leak' out of the parts that aren't pushing. Same thing with the hydrogen molecules. Scientists are working on ways to heat the outer surface evenly, but they've got their work cut out for them.

Second of all, the lasers they use to heat the capsules take an enormous amount of energy to run. Until they can make the lasers more efficient, laser fusion won't be a viable source of energy.

Third of all, it takes more energy to process the chemicals needed for laser fusion. With coal, we simply dig it up and ship it. But we have to create the hydrogen isotopes. Every extra thing we do in this process, leads to an overall energy cost that (right now) out sizes the energy laser fusion produces.

With more research, Laser Fusion could become an alternative energy for the future. But we're still about 15 years away from that possibility.